While I cannot offer legal advice

While I cannot offer legal advice, I know the types of things these people say so you can commit to something you can’t possibly do. I send 5 dollars a wk for a hospital bill – they told me this is unacceptable. They do not mail the money orders back. Good luck with your situation.

Usually, creditors cannot take money from your bank accounts unless they have filed a lawsuit and actually gotten a judgment, but they can try just about anything on an unsuspecting person. Creditors can get aggressive, but it usually takes some time for them to catch up to you, and you usually know they are after you and hot on ur tails by them filing lawsuits. You might want to contact Consumer Credit Counseling Services or Money Management Int. or a bankruptcy lawyer to see if you should file bankruptcy, but they will tell you if you are a good candidate for it or not. It could be time for you to bite the bullet and stop those creditors from calling you. It can be very difficult to get them to agree to your terms, ie amount owed or settlements. These people that are calling you get commissions based on monies collected (check out the movie “Maxed Out“). Hope that helped a little.

Do they accept your money order as part of the payment??. If they don’t send it back I’d say so. One thing, keep copies of those FOREVER as well as anything you get in writing from or to them.

NEVER accept any payment plan or settlement offer over the phone – if it isn’t in writing it is worthless. NEVER allow them electronic access to your accounts. If they say that is all they will take and they try to bully you, open a separate account somewhere (ING is good) and only keep your money for that payment in there.

What I meant was Money Management or CCCS would be able to tell if a person would be a good candidate for bankruptcy. And not all lawyers just want the money, many bankruptcy attorneys are overwhelmed with new clients right now and are more than happy to turn people away (they just don’t need the money or the added liability of another file sitting around). Matter of fact for most attorneys who specialize in this area of law getting rich is the last thing on their mind; bankrupt people have no money to give.