What do you have to tell credit card collectors when they call?

Geez, they call now before a bill is one month late. They want to take money out of my account, if not, when I will pay and what is the problem why I haven’t paid? What do I have to tell them?? I just don’t know what to say and I think I may have been saying too much.

I can tell you one thing from my experience. Don’t keep money in a bank that you owe money to. They can just raid your account and take it all from you. It depends on the fine print, and no one ever reads all of that. Then tell the collector you can’t pay and not to bother you any more or you’re going to report them. Also tell them that you’re recording the call, actually DO record the call, and then hope they go over the line with you by threatening. Then you wind up with a good chance of winning a suit against the collector.

Are you talking about the origonal credit card companies? Or are you talking about a collection agency? IF it is a Collection Agency never ever EVER EVER EVER talk to them on the phone. Send a limited C&D letter Certified return receipt. Tell them that you have to have all communication in writing. NEVER discuss anything with them over the phone.

If it is the origonal creditor then you can simply tell them the truth. They will get it when you get it. They can not threaten you legally. Keep all your records and if it is legal in your state record their calls. So if they violate any laws you can then sue them and they will owe you. Also never give them direct access to your banking info! It has been known t happen that they will go in there and just take money out willynilly!!

Don’t let them have access to your bank account! If they will only work with you if you make automated payments, get a pre-paid VISA or MasterCard. Then, just put what they are allowed to have on there and give them that number.

You don’t *have* to tell them anything. They’ll whine and cry and beg and get nasty, but you don’t have to say anything. I agree with the person who said to write them a letter and tell them not to call you anymore. State very clearly that ALL communication must be in writing at a specific address.