Need help urgently

I’m up to my head in debts and I don’t have a job to pay for anything. I’m tired of all the phone calls and letters of need to pay this and that. Need to get a job and need to do this and that. I’m so freaky tired of those people. I don’t have a job, I have a disabilities and I know it’s no excuses for not having a job in order to pay my credit cards, medical bills and etc. I have been looking and been turned down alot. Here are my problems, I’ve been discriminated against my disabilities and I can’t prove it either. I’m at my end of the ropes.

I need to write a letters to everyone that I owe to be more patience with me till I find something. They don’t want a dollar a month or 5, they want more than $250 a month till it paid in full, I have never agree to anything and they are constantly putting words in my mouth. My family can’t help me because they too are having problems paying their bills. This economy is terrible!! My husband is the only one working right now and he makes enough to pay the needy bills and groceries and that’s it. One suggested me to stop paying my electric or phone bills and start paying them, how dare them to tell me what to do. So, I just don’t answer the phone anymore. I understand that if I use my personal check that they might check into my bank account and try to get money out of my bank account without my approval. Is this true?? Please give me any suggestions and need help.

I feel like that I’m paying way too much credit cards premium, their interest rate got so high that I can’t pay it so I stop paying it. I know it’s wrong for me to do so, but they are over charging me. For example, they told me that I owe over $6,000 and I have paid more than $3,000 so I feel like I only owe $3,000. How do I get them to agree with me that I don’t owe that kind of amount??

How attached to your credit score are you? Personally, what I would do is just stop paying credit card bills altogether. Concentrate on your four walls – housing, utilities, groceries. After a few months, the credit card companies will turn you over to collections. Collections will then offer you a settlement. Usually half of what the credit card companies say you owe. At that point, you can begin making payments and take care of all of them. But, it does drop your credit score.

You can also tell them to quit calling you. Send each one a letter – certified, return receipt – stating that you wish to only be contacted in writing and they are not to call anymore. By law, they have to comply with that or you can sue them for harassment. You can also dispute the amount. Make them show you how they came to that figure they claim you owe.

Yes, they can get ahold of your bank accounts if you send them a check. The bigger, more ethical companies won’t do it, but some slimy ones will. Until you’re comfortable, pay them with a money order. You can also get a pre-paid VISA card at Wal-Mart and pay them off of that. I did the pre-paid VISA for one of my husband’s medical bills. The only way they’d agree to payment arrangements with me was to have a credit or debit card number to deduct from.

Otherwise, they wanted a grand total of $16,000 right then and there which just wasn’t possible. So, I bought the pre-paid card, set up the payments and made sure that I loaded the card with the right amount before they were scheduled to deduct. I did catch them trying to get money out at the wrong time – and once the wrong amount – but because it was pre-paid, they didn’t get anything. If it had been the debit card attached to my checking account, who knows how much they would have cleaned out.