Washington Mutual/ERC/Hilco Receivables

To start I requested twice a validation from Washington Mutual and never received it. Then I get this call from ERC (Enhanced Recovery Systems) out of Jacksonville, Fl. John the collector says he is calling on behalf of the client Washington Mutual for the balance owed of 8200. I reiterated about asking for the validation […]

While I cannot offer legal advice

While I cannot offer legal advice, I know the types of things these people say so you can commit to something you can’t possibly do. I send 5 dollars a wk for a hospital bill – they told me this is unacceptable. They do not mail the money orders back. Good luck with your situation. […]

Need help urgently

I’m up to my head in debts and I don’t have a job to pay for anything. I’m tired of all the phone calls and letters of need to pay this and that. Need to get a job and need to do this and that. I’m so freaky tired of those people. I don’t have […]

I just have a random question

I thought the statute of limitations was only 7 years, yet I have gotten sued twice by two different companies after the original debt dropped from my credit report. I had a Capital One credit card back in 1999 and last activity was in July of 2000. I had lost my job and although it […]

What do you have to tell credit card collectors when they call?

Geez, they call now before a bill is one month late. They want to take money out of my account, if not, when I will pay and what is the problem why I haven’t paid? What do I have to tell them?? I just don’t know what to say and I think I may have […]

GM Card – HSBC

Just wanted to know if anyone else is having problems with HSBC, GM Card in getting them to lower your interest rate and provide a reasonable payment plan. I worked with them to get a hardship term for 6 months where I could pay $500 a month, but they did not lower the interest rate […]

Need help to get out of debt

Hi, I am a new reader to the blog. Am currently working and earning about $300 per month but over the past two years i have accumulated debt amounting to $2000 and this has affected me terribly as almost all the money am earning is now going towards servicing the debt. I need help to […]

Deep in Debt with Questions – update

It is possible to get out of your “mess”, but it won’t be without some pain. You need a financial shield in place to protect yourself from the impact of creditor lawsuits once you stop paying them. This will put you in control and allow for a negotiated settlement of as little as 10 cents […]

URGENT!! Deep in Debt with Questions

Sorry, this is long….My husband has an LLC that we can no longer continue running. It never made any money because, unfortunately, we financed it four years ago with a credit card. We are in the process of selling it, but will never make back what we owe which is about $18,000 to Chase. The […]

Question on selling home to flipper type buyer

I have learned alot from this blog and hope someone here can help me with this. My husband’s dept is being disorganized and a few people will be offered new jobs in TX, we’re in GA. We have no idea if we’ll go to TX or not. Info is being slow to come from higher […]